I have worked in a music / media production and an event organizing for 20 years.
Culture is my passion – nature is my love, and I’m always interested in new, innovative ideas and projects in art and expression.
As a freelancer I am working via Eezy – a flexible way to co-operate in different projects, local or remote – big or small. By studies I am a media services provider.

I am working currently in Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry as a community developer, which means creating projects, campanings and events with various partners mostly in fields of culture, media and communities. Also my tasks are developing the internal and external communication.

As a sound and music producer I want to explore the combinations of nature and technology, movement and stillness. I love to improvise but also to produce and design sound.
Past work includes sound design for games, soundtrack and overall sound post production duties.

Performances are top at my list of things as well. I am a part of Corridoors Collective – a group of 50 talented musicians, visual artists and dancers.  Have worked with dancers quite a bit and willing to explore more!

Other forms of media: Nature photoghraphy never ends to fascinate me, and i can work fluently with video, edit and pre-production.

Event organizing is something I have done since early 90’s and have been a festival producer, a sound guy, a DJ and a film machinery operator and what not! Festivals I have worked: ii-Tunes, IIK!, OMF, Qstock, Sodankylän Elokuvajuhlat and some others.

I am a member of following associations:
Taikabox – Combining dance and technology
Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station – Multi-culture, media and community projects
PAVA  – Nordic A/V -producer’s association

Download my CV (in Finnish)

Download my CV (in English)