2020 in a nutshell

Okay, so 2019 was a blast: a lot of events, with many plans developing on many fronts. One of the biggest plans was to develop sound art and electronic music workshops. I got a grant for those from the city of Oulu, (so really: there were plans for it – thank you Oulu once again!) … Continue reading 2020 in a nutshell

A quick tour in the home studio

EDIT: I moved at the end of 2020, so this space is not in use anymore. Decided to make a short (and a bit crappy) video about the possibilities for working remotely in art, sound design and composing projects. Also hope that this gives some perspective to the grant applications I am sending out! reading A quick tour in the home studio

COVID-19 took away money, but made me an international artist.

How did that happen? This Spring was going to be occupied by sound art workshops and by so finally getting some decent money for my work (well, decent for me, at least!) – thanks to the city of Oulu as I received a grant for setting up sound art workshops. I am really grateful and honoured: it is a sign that I’m doing something right and I have an outsider trust in my work. – So: Thank You Oulu!!

Bye bye Pikisaari was a nice funeral – impro gig with The Andruids

The old school of ours, Petri and I, is about to move out from Pikisaari. So there was "a funeral" party on which the performers were students of the place. Some new, some old. Our gig was on second stage, 45min gig with usual improvisation vibes. Basically 3 "tunes" were created: Ambient/drone + trip-hoppish + … Continue reading Bye bye Pikisaari was a nice funeral – impro gig with The Andruids