COVID-19 took away money, but made me an international artist.

How did that happen? This Spring was going to be occupied by sound art workshops and by so finally getting some decent money for my work (well, decent for me, at least!) – thanks to the city of Oulu as I received a grant for setting up sound art workshops. I am really grateful and honoured: it is a sign that I’m doing something right and I have an outsider trust in my work. – So: Thank You Oulu!!

Okay, so now the situation has changed. I have no work and a bunch of new music gear and a lot of free time on my hands. What will a musician do…? I started an “Isolation Diary” -on the first day at Finnish Martial law.
My plan was to release something new every day, but it did not work, so I have been dropping some content now and then.

Making an audio-diary has been fun, and got some attention from abroad – possible entries for COVID-19-compilations it seems!

Also some really interesting Finnish collaboration related to the diary is forming up, more of that later, hopefully!

Live set jam livestream with live visuals – now it’s getting interesting…

Last week was busy setting up a live stream live jam, which took place on Friday 3.4. -I have to tell you, what a great experience it was!
Formed up a duo “Solidudez” with writer, curator and VJ Mike Watson who jammed visuals on top of my tunes – from lockdown in his house, of course. So I streamed my audio to him and he then streamed our performance out to Twitch.

By the way, Mike Watson’s book “Can the Left Learn to Meme?” can be bought here:

Unfortunately, the video from my end did not reach Mike – due to the platform problems. And from that experience and research, DO NOT USE THE ZOOM-PLATFORM. STAY AWAY FROM IT.
It seems that it acts as malware. ( ) It slowed down my system and connection speed considerably, and just before our set, it had updated itself in Mike’s computer, and after that, no video from me… We are now looking for better alternatives.

Anyway, it was a pilot and our tests during last week got us a proof of concept. The experience was new, strange and rewarding! I did not know how many people were watching it live, whether the audio/video/tech were working or I was totally alone! After the gig i had a beer and a smoke outside and it was almost silent there (living in the woods) – what a totally different gig compared to anything before. 90min live hardware/computer jam in a total discomfort zone.

In the end, there was 61 people at best, some from Italy and USA. Audio and video was good enough. A friend said to me, “Well now you are an international artist.” True words – it is a sustainable way to play around the world.

More to come, I liked it a lot!

Our Solidudez liveset.


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