2019 in a nutshell

The past year was a great and diverse in terms of artistic and personal development – not necessary so with the pace of updating my website… Thus I chose to write up a summary of last year’s happenings.

At the end of the 2018 I decided to level up by getting more gigs and work by doing what I love. Also a big part of that was to set up this website and starting social media presence – although just an FB – page, but hey better than nothing! So this site opened roughly 12 months ago.

That decision was a good one. Happy to report that I got more than 20 gigs(personal and ”bands” I’m involved in), 2 ongoing clients, and several interesting projects with a great people. Not much so by the web (well one client and one prospect 😉 ), but more so with personal contacts – which is easier when you have ”something in the net”…
Anyway so, here’s some highlights:


An iOS app helping people to sleep. Got a freelance job; make dead sleepy tunes/soundscapes… Easy peasy? Well not quite so, as the frequencies and atmospheres have to be crafted just right, not too much of anything and still slowly lulling forward. (really not “grooving”!) Also some post production work and what not. It’s been interesting, I have learned a lot. And also the app seems to be used a lot. Sleepiest was globally selected an app of the day, and is in new demo iPhones (US) as a demo app. Check it out specially if you have troubles getting sleep.


Danish audio book producer. Storytel is their partner here in Finland. Proof listening, editing and mastering audio. This is a new client for me, just two assignments at the time of writing this(third on the pipeline). Already learned a lot of new things, and a good excuse to use Izotope mastering plug ins in my studio. (for not-the-nerds: the maker one of the best tools for mastering and repairing audio)

Dance Hack @Lumo, Brisa from Chile doing her solo performance – Photo Alina Usurelu

Personal gigs / adventures

  • MiniHacklink to post
  • Polar Bear Pitching opening Dance performance with Marinella Senatore / Maria Fonzino, curated by Mike Watson
    This was an interesting case… Collected some ice from the ice hole made for pitchers, played it, and around 30-40 dancers moved in the area. Outside, really windy and temperature way below zero. We had fun!
  • Live set @Uleåborg Festival Of Psychedelia
    One of the best festivals in Oulu. Friendly people, good / interesting music and art.
    It seems there will be something coming up this year also, but more of that in the near future on this blog, I promise 🙂
  • 3hour (mostly hardware) live set @Hollihaka / Puistopiknik
    City of Oulu arranged a series of live concerts during the summer, and i was lucky to get selected. Wanted to push my limits and played 3 hours straight on. Have to say it took a while to get back to the land of the normal people after the set… Nice evening it was!
  • Äänenpainekammio live / Taiteiden Yö @Tukikohta
    Arts night is one of the biggest happening in Oulu. This was the second gig of the day(more of the first one as The Andruids below). A bomb shelter in underground, music was LOUD and not the type you can hear in radio… First performance blew up the PA subwoofer, so the organizer got a bigger one to replace it… This was for small audiences, intensive and rough shit, liked it a lot!
  • Lumo Light Festival / Dance Hack @Taidemuseo
    One of the best gigs and experiences last year! Taikabox arranged the event with co-operation by Lumo festival organization. Around 10 artists around the world gathered to Oulu, and in few days there was 3 separate performances utilizing dance, light, video, sound, technology… Provided music and sound to 2 of the pieces, and we performed the whole weekend. 25 gigs in 3 days so to speak. Huh…. Great people, well arranged, good feedback. What’s not to love in that!?
  • Also music/soundscape production for visual artist Anna Koivukangas Cella -installation in Lumo
    Anna is talented and lovely artist and friend. She made an interesting installation for light festival; Cella was in complete darkness. Hundreds of small spheres(?) painted by glow in the dark material, the experience was immersive and hypnotic. The soundscape I produced for it (hopefully) enhanced the experience. Deep sounds, field recordings and what not into a 6 minute audio, people just were in the darkness, still and ”off the grid”.

    Along these I produced a dance track and some sounds to Kulttuurivoimala’s Melting Hearts -piece, in which illuminated hearts made of ice were a carried by dancers in the darkness. So I had 3 different productions in the festival. Good one 🙂
  • Live set @Hypno / 45 Special
    Techno jamboree! Really good time we had! My first time in the one of the oldest clubs in Oulu. This was a test of my 4/4 tracks with a hint of psy elements to them. Seemed to be working stuff.
  • Oulu Music Video Festival tech @Valve
    — Mixing Voodoo Child -performance
    This is the biggest music video -related festival in Finland. I got to be part of the tech crew, and mainly was responsible of viewing the content to the audience. Always nice to work in Valve, good people and pro equipment.
    One of the highlights of the event was Italian group who performed dance/music/ visual piece based on Woodstock and modern commercialism. Handled the mixing duties for them.
  • Live @Elektyrmish at New year’s party
    Ambient set of my old and new tracks, jamming FM synthesis with a LOT of reverb and some other effects. Rest of the evening was good techno by DJ’s. Nice party!
Baltic Snow Call – Video by Kulttuurivoimala

Kulttuurivoimala is been a good partner to work with. Trough them i got to work in few different projects:

  • Baltic Snow Call music production / tech @Nallikari
    BSC is an international snow sculpting competition, and last year I had quite many jobs in there: Photography, music production for daily videos and also a soundscape to the area. Illuminated pieces with a frosty ambient background music was a nice combination. Along these your basic PA tech guy. The winner team came from Mexico(!) and I had a pleasure to get the fellas to stay in my place for few days before their flight back to South America. Good posse!
  • Siilokanava audio productionhttps://www.siilokanava.fi/
    Kulttuurivoimala’s new casting channel, into which I made some music and signature sounds.
  • Fortnite children dance event music production
    An event for youngsters to get them moving and into dance trough the popular game / meme. Piece was hooking, easy to dance techno. Good fun!

The AndruidsLink to Facebook-page
For few years we have been performing with a good friend Petri as The Andruids -duo. Mostly improvised electronic music with relaxed tempo, usually techno/drone/ambient/industrial/ritualistic influenced stuff. In the summer we take our battery powered instruments and speakers and head to parks, piers, woods etc to jam as long as the juice runs out 😀
We had also a few gigs as follows:

  • Bye bye PikisaariLink to post
  • Children’s book publishing party live gig
    Again Kulttuurivoimala’s event. The first published book for Somali immigrant children. This was a warm and nice event, and this time we did not go to the drone/ritual side, rather than groovy and funny style. Sampled bagpipes met synhtlines along rolling drums!
  • Drumming against racism
    Kulttuurivoimala arranged a public event to the city centre for reminding the people about the insanity of racism. The audience was invited to participate, and there was quite a lot drummers, young and old!
  • Titta på Tuira Metsädisko
    Nice small event in the middle of a small forest in Tuira; 100% improvised set, nice and intimate party!
  • Hollihaka gig & jam
    We got to arrange our own event at Hollihaka stage! So the first half we played as duo, and rest of the evening jamming away with some friends we asked to come, some new ones who wanted to play along! Hope we can do this again next summer!
  • Taiteiden Yö @Asukastupa Alvari
    A bit quiet and ambientish set for a change, as opposed our deep and hypnotic (and loud) set. As this was during the daytime and with elderly people in the audience, it was a good choice and we got nice feedback (from the audience that is 😉 )
  • Karmea ääni, sähköinen ääni @Tukikohta
    Improvisation gig for 40 minutes which got recorded also, uploading the sound in near future! First set of the 2nd festival day, still there was a nice bunch of people and they seemed pleased.
  • Misc park/pier jams @Oulu
    5-6 jams altogether last spring/summer. We planned to have way more jam sessions all around Oulu city, but unfortunately the weather and our schedules did not meet well.
    Nallikari beach pier, Ainolanpuisto, Tuiran beach, Hietasaari Juoppojen Pesä, Toppilansaari pier. Again, nice pop up -gigs, and always coming up new stuff, and nice people (well Hietasaari was in the middle of the forest so there was nobody else, but who cares!) Hope next summer will be more active on these!
  • Live @Psyysbileet
    Our first test of the ”Drum´n drone” -genre 😉 Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and the gig ended up being a collective jam (what a surprise!) Good times, nonetheless!

Toisaalta playing in Psyysbileet – Photo Mikko Ruotsalainen

Toisaalta BandLink to Facebook-page

Toisaalta is a band from somewhere else, making songs about the usual stuff; love, aliens and paraller universes! Combining poetry-style lyrics (in Finnish) ”traditional” band sound with electronics, Toisaalta has a good groove and moody atmosphere, watch this one out!

  • First gig! @Pukkila Psyyspileet
    Along with The Andruids, we played on Psyysbileet, and it was our first time! About 6 songs, all of them work-in-progress… But hey, this is the best way to get things going..!
    And the house was full and everyone (including us) seemed to like it, so it was good times, again! We also were setting up the event with few other great fellas, what a party! 😉

Corridoors Collective

Corridoors is a large community of artists in Oulu. As the sound is the backbone, there are visual artists, dancers and other cross-art performers in the collective. Usually minimum of 8-10 members performing by improvisation with no rehearsals or planning, last year we had two nice gigs;

  • 12 hour deep @Valve
    8 hour improvisation in which first 6 was in the corridors of Valve, who would have quessed!? The main set was in the big room and the idea was to represent the melting ice/glaciers – we were dressed in white along a nice make up.. I played mostly ice. Cool. 😉
  • Chaplin Gold Rush accompaniment @Valve
    Second gig for the collective was a silent movie soundtrack to Chaplin well known movie, again by improvisation. Some of the performers saw the movie first time. Could have been a chaos.. Yet, the audience seemed to like it, and one of the best comments was that they forgot that the movie is actually silent! I think we did good.
12hour deep sessions in Valve – Photo Mervi Kesti

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